A warm Saturday morning in Whittier CA usually means breakfast at one of the several wonderful restaurants nearby (Sol Maya to be precise)  or an early movie at the Whitter Village Cinema . I love this town, and its people. I’d never noticed the Planned Parenthood clinic sitting right down the street from some of my favorite haunts. So when I drove up the familiar road where I usually head for a friendly meal or a cheap movie, in order to join a protest in front of the clinic, my stomach churned.

Since 1973, about 53 million abortions have been performed legally in the United States. The good news is fewer women are getting abortions than just a few years ago. The bad news is, 53 million people have already died, and this year, thousands more will die. That’s self induced genocide. Untold riches, imagination, music, science, film, and art, have been ground in the mortar and pestle of social progress. An inordinate number of those liquidated are Hispanic or Black.  30% of total abortions are performed on Black women, 25% on Hispanic women. The Pro-Choice movement is often aligned with other Liberal social justice causes like the expansion of welfare, Affirmative action, or Feminism. But abortion has decimated the ranks of these exact same minorities Pro-Choice voices say they represent . Women of color have been slaughtered by the millions, by their own people. The line goes, “we must provide safe and legal abortions for the sake of these oppressed women”. But how can a procedure that ends the life of a human being who would otherwise be born healthy, be considered safe? It is most certainly not safe for the babies who are murdered inside of their own mothers.

As a Christian pastor, my primary concern here is not political. Abortion is evil, akin to slavery or human trafficking. Both of these have been strongly opposed by Christians, not just through legislative action but also by assisting the victims of these evils.

As women walked into the clinic that morning, my friend pleaded with them not to commit their children to death. His urgency disturbed even some who were standing with us in the protest. I could not fault him for his boldness. And after some thought, I commend it. Though I stood quietly holding my sign, I had not yet formed an opinion of whether or not I too should beg these women to turn around and let their children live. Even now, my temperament might keep me from loudly voicing such a sentiment to a lady I’ve never met.

The Bible is explicit in condemning the analog of abortion in its day. Though the invasive procedure that now exists was not in use at the time, unborn children were still regarded as precious and worthy of every protection any person would have.

Planned Parenthood is just one front in the ongoing slaughter of unborn children. Abortion, like slavery, must be revealed as the horrendous evil it truly is, and society must turn from it in repentance, asking for the mercy of God.

Jeremy from our church holding up a sign designed by abolishhumanabortion.com